20 best Android apps this week including FIFA 15

The Best Android Apps roundup is back, Back, BACK after a few weeks off due to travel, and the difficulties of finding anyone else foolish enough to dig through RSS feeds, press releases and information from developers on new  apps.

So, this is a catchup week: the 20 best (in this writer’s subjective view, obviously) new Android apps from the last three weeks. It’s a strong selection, particularly for games, which has been a real bright spot for Android this year already.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (Free + IAP)

As a young twentysomething, I was world-beating at football games. As a 37 year-old father, I’ve degenerated to the point where I can only win in FIFA on ‘numpty’ level. Such is life. Still, this year’s mobile instalment is looking very good, focusing on the Ultimate Team mode (hence the in-app purchases, which go up to £69.99), with a new Quick Simulation mode if your time is at a premium.

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