FIFA 15 no longer supports Share Play on PS4

FIFA 15 appears to block users on PlayStation 4 from playing it through the Share Play feature.

Based on testing done by Gamespot, once the Share Play session is established, the guest cannot view any of the game footage and gets an error message instead.

“Viewing the game screen that the host is currently playing is not allowed due to content restrictions in your country or region,” the error message reads.

This case is particularly bizarre, considering Sony had used a copy of FIFA 15 to demo the feature, just ahead of its public release. As well as the fact that FIFA 15 was among the list of games that worked upon the feature’s release, according to Eurogamer.

This also follows Activision’s decision to block Call of Duty: Advanced Warfarefrom the same feature, albeit with a different error message.

More and more major titles are abandoning the feature, and Sony’s stance has changed to allow publishers to opt-in or out of supporting it. The service is quickly becoming more useless by the day, and may just end being used only through games that enjoy an exclusive partnership with Sony.

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