Own the Special Cards You may Save Much FIFA 15 Coins!

Even if every FIFA fans was annoyed by FIFA 15 coins, whether they want to exchange for excellent players or open the special packs. But when you are lucky to get the Special Cards, you may save much and even enjoy the real game fun!

It is extremely rare, but sometimes EA needs to create new cards that does not fit in any of the other cards types. These special cards are usually released for celebration or charity reasons.

The ratings and the stats of these players receive a huge bonus in these blue cards, making them almost always the best players of the game. Usually, these cards become available in packs only for 24 hours.

If you own the regular card of a special player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding special version in the market or pull it from a pack in that day.

You can have the regular card and the special card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.

The special cards are extremely rare and that’s why they are the most expensive ones. In Ultimate Team history, only three special cards were released. The first one was Messi 99, in FUT 12, to get donations to his foundation. Then, it was released another Messi special card one year later, to celebrate the record of goals in a single season. Finally, in FUT 14 Miroslav Klose was rewarded with a special card due to his record of more goals scored in the World Cup history.

In FIFA 15 it was released a special 95 rated card of Lionel Messi to celebrate his record break: top goal scorer in La Liga history (253) and Europe’s all-time leading goal scorer (74).

These cards are really amazing but most of players cannot have them. If you meet one, you may pay more attention to the Sport Football News, and even predict who will become the best one fro special cards, someday you will appreciate about what you do!

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