Ronaldo PK Son Playing FIFA 15 Real Madrid 7-1 Barcelona Chanted: Madrid Go!

According to Spanish daily Marca, recently, the former world player of the year Ronaldo at home with his son to a FIFA 15 football competition of the battery. Although is far away from the field for many years, but the football consciousness of aliens are in, in this war, because real Madrid manipulation to 7-1 beat Barcelona son controlled. Although is just a game, Ronaldo was the result of the match of excitement in the image of their own social networks, and he also make some Barcelona fans very angry.

The former world player of the Brazilian star Ronaldo has been retired for many days, but no one will ever forget age because in football surprising performances, before Cristiana Ronaldo and Messi was born, he is the star of the best football player. Retired Ronaldo, although often do not play, but in football game FIFA 15, he played with its years of experience as a senior player.

It is reported that recently Ronaldo at home and son a FIFA15 game, he chose to use Real Madrid, while his eldest son choose to use Barcelona, the final score is very different, because with real Madrid to 7-1 beat son manipulation of Barcelona. After the game, Ronaldo because of the excitement of the game score sun on its own social network, but also in the picture below wrote: “the students give the teacher a lesson. Come on, Madrid! I am the student.”

From his words can see that he wanted to give their eldest son to see these words, this little guy must have in the aspect of the game with his dad, so Ronaldo used his own way let son candidly admit defeat. But Ronaldo involves two enemy team Real Madrid and Barcelona, so some Barcelona fans was very angry for Ronaldo, in the minds of some red and blue iron powder, because this is laughing at Enrique coach of Barcelona.

But on the other hand, 7-1 score is very sensitive. In this year’s World Cup semi-final, Ronald in their native Brazil is same to the lost to the World Cup champion Germany later. From this aspect, Ronaldo in such a score is in shame your own country?

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