German Media begged Bayern Loss at an early date but Dortmund’s Second-half Resurrection

Whether in the real sports world or the famous game FIFA 15, Bundesliga is a strong team. Even much gamer want to add more great player in the Squad to make a super squad!

Bundesliga half of the season is over, the bundesliga giants bayern Munich is still strong, but bayern’s biggest rivals borussia Dortmund recent seasons, Mired in the relegation zone.In addition, Royce “driving storm”, and the position of the top scorers Frankfurt midfielder mayer top, also let the fans shouted surprised.Bundesliga half has passed, bild wrote an article, German media expressed the bundesliga second-half expectations. The bild hope bayern can lose, as soon as possible and borussia Dortmund can get raised.

Bayern to lose! Even if it’s lost just a can also.Otherwise if bayern have been so, I’m afraid that they might complacency. Mainz home match against bayern Munich at the weekend before the game, mainz, head of black del said, this is the first four league teams and the competition of the German level.Believe pep guardiola also don’t want the team has been so rapid development, bayern also want to leave a bit suspense for the future.If it goes on like this after bayern Munich are no record can be broken.

Borussia Dortmund to resurrection!!!! If they continued to werder Bremen’s poor form, then the team will be demoted basically, too.Now we can only hope that borussia Dortmund in the winter break back and confident, it all depends on you, Mr. Klopp!


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