Messi Commitment to Stay in Barcelona the Future FIFA 15

Lionel Messi, according to Spanish dello sport of the world promised future will stay at Barcelona, this also means that Chelsea and Paris saint-germain pursuers will miss the stars. But fans of fifa series is lucky, they can enjoy the game with Messi as long as they own enough fifa 15 coins to get him.

Recently, Lionel Messi in accepting the Argentine media, said: “in the past, I always said I’ll always for barca, but times are changing, not everything according to the way you envision in Barcelona is a great team, when the team loses two consecutive game, will become a lightning rod, it’s crazy.” This interview of Messi is considered to be suggested that one day will leave Barcelona, Chelsea and Paris saint-germain soon, Manchester city and other team news from intends to introduce Lionel Messi.Chelsea by small lobbyist, mourinho also himself, Paris wants to buy the Lionel Messi, let him become zlatan ibrahimovic’s successor, Manchester city have aguero the macy’s friends. State gradually improving, but this season Messi broke the personal goals in la liga and the champions league history record, ascension may let he changed his mind.

Dello sport of the world said messi promising to stay at Barcelona, the analysis of the media also Paris to pursue messi the sincerity of the foot, but Messi doesn’t like the weather in Paris, prefer more sunny places. And Lionel Messi 250 million euro penalty of Barcelona due to breach of contract is a big obstacle, although Paris is not lack of money, but they face a uefa’s financial fair solution. Messi is not the first time, of course, pledged to stay at Barcelona, the world dello sport suggested to appreciate Messi Barcelona this attitude, he is a born winner, need to get the support and care for the club.

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